Urban spaces emerging at The Shops at Lakeside

The Shops at Lakeside will occupy the ground floor of six buildings along Lakeside Parkway at FM 2499. Lofts will occupy the upper floors. FM 2499 can be seen in the distance. The Shops at Lakeside will occupy the ground floor of six buildings along Lakeside Parkway at FM 2499 with lofts occupying the upper floors. From here at the corner of Lakeside Parkway and Northwood, the Lakeside Trail lies just 160 yards to the west.

The buildings at the intersection of FM 2499 and Lakeside reached their full height this month.

But the real sizzle at Lakeside, according to town planner Dan Quinto, lies around the corner from 2499’s 60,000-plus vehicles per day.

“The action will take place behind the front buildings, where the pedestrians will be protected from the traffic on 2499,” said Quinto, “on the sidewalks, in the pocket parks, at the outdoor restaurants, and on the Lakeside Trail.”

Construction still has several months to go before the expected October opening, but the bones of the first four buildings have created outlines of the urban spaces to come (see accompanying photos).

al fresco

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Looking out toward the patio and park from inside the restaurant location in Building 1.

Building 1

Visibility on FM 2499 and on the green behind the building.

Building 3 features outdoor dining in front of a small park.

Building 4

Outdoor dining facing a large park.

Building 6 offers sidewalk dining at the corner of Lakeside and Northwood.

Building 6

Offering sidewalk dining at the corner of Lakeside and Northwood.

“With the first four structures built out to their final form,” Quinto said, “you can begin to feel the spaces and imagine people strolling, shopping, and gathering.”

Phase I features three locations tailor-made for indoor/outdoor dining where patrons become part of the urban fabric. Click here for the merchandising plan.

In the front, the patio and park behind the restaurant location in Building 1; to the left, Building 3; in the distance, Building 4 with an outdoor dining area facing a green.

Signature dining areas — including Building One’s patio and park (foreground) and Building Four’s patio and green (in the distance) — will create a lively dining scene at The Shops at Lakeside.

“Seated inside or out,” Quinto pointed out. “you will sense the urbanity and community of Lakeside.”

Jimmy Archie, managing partner of Realty Capital (master developer of Lakeside DFW), and his team are working to recruit and select the proper mix of eateries.

Looking out from a restaurant location in Building 3 on what will be the sidewalk and slant-in parking along Lakeside Parkway. In the distance, still one story, is the eventual Building 6 restaurant location.

“Lakeside will have all the ingredients of a destination where people come to spend the evening,” Archie said, “even if they’re not sure what they want to eat when they park their car here.”

“They can just walk around, maybe run into some friends, and then decide what feels right.”

And similar to the restaurants in Uptown (Dallas) and in Legacy (Plano), The Shops at Lakeside will have a large audience within walking distance.

Couples like Ted and Terri Tucker, who have recently moved into their town home at Lakeside, plan to take full advantage of both the recreational and dining amenities at Lakeside.

“We like to stay fit so we run and ride often on the Northshore Trail,” said Ted Tucker. “We’re also looking forward to having restaurants nearby so we won’t have to drive into Dallas every weekend.”

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  1. Kendall Estwick says

    Another realtor told me there will a townhome community at Lakeside for rentals. Any information on these townhomes?

    • lakeside says

      Thanks for your interest Kendall.

      Detailed plans for Elan Lakeside, which will include townhomes for rent, are expected in the fall.

      Until then, please go our apartment page. Once there, leave a comment asking to be included on the pre-leasing list.

      Thanks again.

  2. Gloria Bond says

    Where are the town homes that Ted and Terri Tucker have moved . I didn’t know Lakeside had Town Homes.

    • lakeside says


      Ted and Terri moved into one of the villas by Darling. Technically villas aren’t town homes since villas aren’t attached, but their 30-ft width creates footprints very similar to town homes. Click here to learn more.

      We used the term town home since, for many people, the term “villa” may not have provided much of a mental picture.

  3. steven le says

    This is really starting to look good. My wife and I are excited for this to be so close to home. We love to eat out and enjoy an evening with each other or with friends and I hate to say, we always go to uptown, frisco, downtown, southlake even Roanoke to have good food. We are hopeful and ecstatic that we can now stay in Flower Mound and enjoy great food and invite our friends from other cities to come to Flower Mound.

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