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Survey offers residents chance to guide Lakeside amphitheater programming

Musical events may play an important part in programming for the amphitheater at Lakeside.

Musical events may play an important part in programming for the amphitheater at Lakeside. (Photo by Brian Hudson)

What kind of events would attract you to the amphitheater planned for Lakeside?

That’s what our latest survey aims to find out. Click here to share your views on the subject.

In 3-5 minutes, your input will guide programming efforts — from the types of music and entertainment to the options for festivals and holiday activities.

Fitness, nature/outdoors, and educational opportunities are also explored.

The survey was created by Marsha Milam and Cara Fischer of Marsha Milam Music, who conducted focus group research with Flower Mound residents in early May,

“The results of the survey will play a key role in our programming proposal,” said Milam. “And the programming will steer architects in their design of the facility.”

The amphitheater is planned for a location at Lakeside that offers scenic views of Lake Grapevine.


  1. The question related to the Amphitheatre should be, is this something the community really wants, will it work on any of the three locations, what is the financial return to Flower Mound Mound.

    Try this on for size, .

  2. Sam Johanson says:

    Amphitheater overload, there are actually three locations….Lakeside, The Riverwalk, and Heritage Park.

  3. David Robison says:

    The amphitheater is a good idea. However, FM only needs one amphitheater so this should be discussed with the the current town council because there is in the planning stage an amphitheater to be located in Heritage park. If Lakeside had a really good amphitheater and the city could use it also, it could help defray costs and also help insure good program content

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