Plans unveiled for Lakeside condo tower

In addition to an adjoining spa and salon, luxury town homes will help soften the structure's impact at street level.

An adjoining spa and salon along with luxury town homes play a role in scaling the building’s architecture at street level.

Plans for a 14-story luxury condominium tower at Lakeside DFW were released today.

“We have been listening carefully to the market for a condo tower at Lakeside,” said Richard Myers, managing parter of Realty Capital Management, master developer of Lakeside DFW. “We hope these plans demonstrate how seriously we value that input.

“Naturally, views ranked high on everyone’s wish list,” Myers said. “So each unit will feature a large balcony with outstanding views of Lake Grapevine.”

The views will include sunsets over Lake Grapevine all twelve months of the year.

“That’s significantly different than many beachfront hotels and condominiums,” Myers added, “where only half the units face the most desired views.”

On the second floor, residents will have access to an amenity deck featuring a swimming pool, hot tub, and cabanas.

“We conducted solar studies to position the building, pool, hot tub, and cabanas optimally,” Myers said.

Wine lockers will be available for residents and a full-service spa and a salon will be located in an adjacent and connecting building.

“The site is located steps from the Lakeside boardwalk/trail,” Myers added, “and just west of the central roundabout.”


In addition to the views and amenities, designers placed a premium on security and maximizing the value of every square foot.

Semi-private elevators equipped with front and rear doors will open directly into the specified unit. For example, the residents of 10A will enter the A & B elevator and swipe their key, directing the elevator to 10th floor where the A door will open.

“The system adds an element of security and eliminates hallways, maximizing the square footage for the residents’ use,” Myers explained.

The 14-story condominium tower will feature sweeping views of Lake Grapevine.

The elegant entrance to the 14-story condominium tower faces the Lakeside Trail (or boardwalk) and the natural beauty of the frontage on Lake Grapevine.

Reserved parking in the garage will be provided for each resident.

Current plans call for as many as four units per floor (each floor measures approximately 11,000 sq. ft.).

“We expect to be able to offer plans for a one-bedroom unit starting around $500,000,” said Myers.

In March and the early part of April, focus group testing will be conducted to fine-tune the architecture, interiors, and features.

“By May,” Myers said, “we hope to begin marketing the residences for sale.”

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  1. Ken says

    It is sad that this is the route and pricepoint they are taking. I will enjoy my private pool, backyard, and 3 car garage for ~300k just up the road and just drive over here when I feel the need. The pricing is stupid especially since they have not mentioned assoication fees which at this pricepoint will be very astronomical as well. I will envy the social aspect of this type of dwellings but could buy 2 homes, one in the city up the street and one off a lake less than 2 hours or so away for less than a 3 bedroom offering here…and I’d still have a view of the lake!

  2. Kate says

    Empty Nestser 400.00??? where are the 200.00 + townhomes. Seems ridiculous to give up a beauty 3050 sq ft. for an apt. that is 4 time more than it should be> What are youpeople thinking. So dissappointed who are you building this for?

    • C says

      Do really think you should be able to have a condo in this subdivision for 200K ?

      Please tell me where you can find a condo like this with a water view for less than 500K

  3. Tom says

    I concur with the other comments on the pricing. I would expect to get about 1800-2000 feet for $400-$650k based on view/floor. I could live at the W downtown with 2100 feet for $600k-$700k (at the freakin’ W!!). There are no where near the amenities in Lakeside as there are at the W – just not the same league. Gotta get the pricing right or the developer will be empty for a long time. I would also be interested in understanding what the monthly association fees are. I would expect at these prices, the developer is expecting somewhere in the neighborhood of $5,000/year minimum just for taking care of the place.

    Thank you for considering these comments.

  4. Laura says

    It seems that there are a lot of people feeling the same way here…we had dreams of making this Lakeside community something special for Flower Mound. The condos were a dream for a lot of people. I have driven around so many communities in the DFW are where the condos are beautiful yet priced from 350K on up. I don’t understand the pricing here and it seems many others don’t either. I would like to ask Lakeside to at least reply to some of the comments so we can possibly understand the thinking on the pricing. For every one comment there are dozens feeling the same way. I hate to hear that so many people with dreams of making Lakeside something truly special are now unable to reside there.

  5. Tina says

    I’m shocked by the pricing! Never in my wildest dreams did I think a 1 bedroom condo on little Lake Grapevine would be twice the cost of my 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom, 2 living room, huge gameroom, large pool/yard, 3 car garage 2/3 acre lot home less than 2 miles away!!! Frickin insane! So incredibly disappointed and disgusted by their $$$$ hungry ways!! I was truly looking forward to condo life which I thought would be possible on puney lake Grapevine. Champagne wishes and caviar dreams beyond busted!!!

    • says

      I agree. They obviously are looking for those who want to invest in a property that they can rent out to vacationers and not those of us wanting to build a neighborhood and a community. These prices are not for millionaires, but for BILLIONAIRES!!!!

  6. Liz says

    I agree with all of the posters above. WAY too expensive. If you are trying to attract young professionals (like many selling this project have), I don’t know how they can afford to live in the condos, or the regular homes for that matter. Too bad. It will be all older, more financially well-off empty nesters. I didn’t think that was the vibe they were going for at Lakeside.

    I am actually troubled that those of us who want to live in homes with less land have very few affordable options in DFW. Every new exciting urban project gets announced, and then i see the prices and realize I will never afford them. Amenities and walkable urban living are for the 1% apparently.

    • Laura says

      Liz…your second paragraph states what I am feeling also. My family of three wants to downsize and not have as big of a private yard. We would love to use public green spaces and interact with neighbors more and walk to restaurants and shops. It seems we can’t afford to downsize as it will cost us a lot more money than our 3700 sq. ft. 4 bedroom house with 2 living areas, an office, and a large media room that we are in right now in Lantana … almost twice as much if we want a 1 bedroom condo and 100K more if we want a small Darling villa! Very disappointing.

  7. Julie Saeger says

    I am shocked on the pricing. Might as well move downtown Dallas for that price. Is there also going to be townhomes in this develpment? I see condos, Apartments and homes but not townhomes…

    • says

      Darling has the villas …….. they are townhomes that are not attached to the neighboring home and with a side yard/patio. Cute! And, the side yard does give you the shade for entertaining since the sun sets in the West and most lots seem to have the back yard towards the lake for the view. They are still $350 K + ……. Condo life is a HUGE disappointment!!!!! We travel a lot and were wanting that lifestyle right here by DFW airport.

  8. Jana Rao says

    Good to hear about the security, lake view, sunset views, etc.. Unfortunately, the prices are too high for a 1 BR condo at $500k.

  9. Denise says

    I was looking forward to condo living….however, $500K for a one-bedroom is priced more like California than Texas i.e. outrageous. That pricing is quite out of line at $222 per square foot and then there are HOA/Condo fees on top of that. Pricing more in line with $250K, $350K, $450K for 1,2, or 3 bedrooms is reasonable. I won’t be buying…too bad, was looking forward to the condo experience there.
    One other thought….the sunset views Lake Grapevine sound nice, romantic etc however, in reality the summer sun setting in the West is the hottest time of the day and so shades are going to have to be drawn unless extreme environmental windows are installed.

  10. Tony says

    My wife and I understand your two-bedroom condo units will be in the $600+ K range. We are very interested in receiving additional information and being placed on your pre-sales list.

  11. nvc says

    Priced higher than what I anticipated..was really excited and expected the price to be around 350K. I fold.

    • says

      I agree. A home or townhome is much less!!!!! Too bad. This was our dream!!! But we need a 3BR and an office without spending $1M!!!!!!

      • Laura Rauhauser says

        Yes Terri, this was our dream too. We need a 2BR with a den/office for closer to 450K or 500K. I hope they come to their senses and realize that if they price everyone out of the market they won’t be able to build it nearly as quickly. People that are looking to downsize to a condo are not looking to double the amount they paid for their big house that they are moving out of.

  12. Laura says

    This sounds like a wonderful place to live and I was getting really excited about condo living in this wonderful building and then I read that the one bedroom unit is starting at $500,000. Surely, one can get at least two bedrooms for half a million dollars. Sadly, I’m afraid my family has been priced out of the market.

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