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No. 1 in our series on The Shops at Lakeside: Your dining preferences



  1. Tara Roberts says:

    I would like to see restaurants catering to adult tastes with a nice bar, a social spot for locals, and definitely sea food and non-chain restaurants.

  2. I would like to see a non-chain family owned restaurant that serves a great breakfast during the week and super Brunch on Sundays.

  3. Sharon Hu says:

    I would like to have some restaurants like Chadders, La Madeline, PF Chan—-Mixed taste of Cusine, reasonable price, classic environment. No burgers and french fries!!!

  4. Christine Eliseev says:

    I’d love to see locally owned outdoor, lake view dining options as well as options that have a facility to host an event in a private room or section. Lots of networking events take place over a good meal.

  5. Dave Becker says:

    I would like to see something fresh and non-chain as we are saturated with the chains. Restaurants that are “farm to table” would be great. Some examples are: Whiskey Cakes – Plano, Velvet Taco – Dallas, HopDoddy – Dallas, Mi Dia From Scratch – Grapevine.

  6. I would like a couple of cool new restaurants that aren’t chains. Something like the Company Cafe in Dallas or Off Site Kitchen. I would also like to see a steak and seafood option available. There definitely needs to be an outdoor dining component that takes advantage of the lake views.

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