1. Tara Roberts says

    I would like to see restaurants catering to adult tastes with a nice bar, a social spot for locals, and definitely sea food and non-chain restaurants.

  2. Monika M says

    I would like to see a non-chain family owned restaurant that serves a great breakfast during the week and super Brunch on Sundays.

  3. Sharon Hu says

    I would like to have some restaurants like Chadders, La Madeline, PF Chan—-Mixed taste of Cusine, reasonable price, classic environment. No burgers and french fries!!!

  4. Christine Eliseev says

    I’d love to see locally owned outdoor, lake view dining options as well as options that have a facility to host an event in a private room or section. Lots of networking events take place over a good meal.

  5. Dave Becker says

    I would like to see something fresh and non-chain as we are saturated with the chains. Restaurants that are “farm to table” would be great. Some examples are: Whiskey Cakes – Plano, Velvet Taco – Dallas, HopDoddy – Dallas, Mi Dia From Scratch – Grapevine.

  6. Chris Aday says

    I would like a couple of cool new restaurants that aren’t chains. Something like the Company Cafe in Dallas or Off Site Kitchen. I would also like to see a steak and seafood option available. There definitely needs to be an outdoor dining component that takes advantage of the lake views.

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