Moviehouse & Eatery prompts move of tree farm from The Shops at Lakeside

With construction on the Lakeside Moviehouse & Eatery expected to begin by May, the Lakeside tree farm will be relocated to another site on the property. Upon the completion of first phase of The Shops at Lakeside, the trees will be transplanted there to enhance the shopping and dining experience. Click above to see the report by NBC 5.

NBC 5 Denton Country Reporter Brian Scott told viewers Friday of the traveling tree farm at Lakeside DFW. (Click here to view the story.)

The Lakeside DFW tree farm located at the north side of the northwestern corner of Lakeside Parkway and International Parkway (FM 2499), Scott reported, was originally created to save and re-use hundreds of live oaks that had been planted along Lakeside 14 years ago.

Officials at Realty Capital, master developer of Lakeside DFW, expected the mature trees could be preserved in this location until they were transplanted to beautify The Shops at Lakeside, which is projected for completion in the fall.

Enter Moviehouse & Eatery, the high-end Austin dining/theater establishment, that will begin construction on the site in May.

“This great addition to The Shops at Lakeside is forcing us to move the tree farm to a new location,” explained Richard Myers, managing director of Realty Capital.

“But moving the trees to make room for Moviehouse is a great problem to have,” he added.

“We believe these mature trees, strategically placed, will add significantly to the retail and residential environment of the project.”

The move is expected to cost the developer approximately $60,000.

“We think it might be good luck,” Myers suggested, “wherever the tree farm goes maybe that’s where the development happens. 

“So if we have to move it four more times — that’s probably a good thing.”


  1. Kevin White says

    Myers and Realty Capital care nothing about saving any trees, only about making money. The move was a publicity stunt.

    • lakeside says

      Dear Kevin,

      Even though your comment is pretty tough on us, we appreciate your feedback.

      Over my 30 years in the development industry, I can certainly understand why you may feel that way about developers and trees. I also have seen contractors and developers wipe out trees on properties that maybe could have been saved. It is frustrating to see that, particularly in Texas when trees and shade can make a big difference in the quality of our lives.

      I think you will see when Lakeside is finished that it looks different than most developments. We are working hard to transplant dozens of the mature trees on the property. We think this will make Lakeside a more beautiful and pleasant place from the day it opens. Most developments take years before the trees they plant grow to a decent size.

      We spent approximately $100,000 to pick up the first batch of trees and store them at our “tree farm”. We intend to do that about two more times with the rest of the trees along Lakeside Parkway. That is a serious cost to us, but we think Lakeside’s residents and visitors will appreciate our efforts, which hopefully will make Lakeside more successful.

      Richard Myers

  2. ted tucker says

    If the movie theater goes into the area where the tree farm in now, will there be a place for a grocery store as was part of the plan originally?

    • lakeside says


      Thanks for your question. A grocery store still may locate nearby. Everyone would love to see it happen and town officials are on it.

      The more vibrant a community Lakeside DFW becomes, the more likely a grocery store will open nearby.

  3. Tom says

    You should place 6 -8 of the trees at McPherson and Canongate to block the view of the new homes that are about 10ft above the existing home on the corner.

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