Shaping the Lakeside dining experience

More tantalizing community input for dining bliss at Lakeside

Workers laying the concrete second floor of the mixed-use building on the southwest corner of Lakeside and International Parkways.

Workers prepare the second floor of a mixed-use building at Lakeside for lofts that will sit atop the ground-floor retail.

A second wave of responses to the Lakeside dining survey has warranted a new look at how future residents, shoppers, and diners view the possibilities for Phase I of the Shops at Lakeside.

Since our initial report on the approximately 260 responses received through early December, the total number has grown to over 460. (If you haven’t already, click here to complete the survey.)

To view the complete list of comments since December, click here.

The growing awareness of the project has fueled this steady stream of survey respondents. The character and array of the 116 comments (out of approximately 200 surveys completed since mid December) exude a deep hunger for news on the culinary, shopping, and entertainment front at Lakeside.

“If a small nightlife and a couple of good bars and restaurants could be built into the development,” said an under-30-year-old male who lives in Uptown and who works on Lakeside Parkway in Flower Mound, “I know many of my colleagues would consider moving to Lakeside DFW.”

“Would love casual outdoor dining/cafe type places that would be easy to bicycle to with the family and dog,” said Eric Davidson, who lives with his wife in Flower Mound and works in Fort Worth.

“The numerous mountain bikers from the Northshore Trail will appreciate casual outdoor dining for refueling with a beer and good food,” he said, “even if they’re a little too dirty to feel comfortable inside a restaurant.

“Along those same lines,” Davidson added, “we should have plenty of healthy options to support all the outdoor/fitness enthusiasts that live around and visit the area.”

Some expressed an enthusiasm for a more rarefied experience.

“Going to restaurants is not an everyday occurrence for my wife and me,” said B.W. Alwin of Double Oak., who fit into the 51-70-year-old age bracket.

“Therefore, we enjoy going to restaurants that offer something different, something special like signature foods from different countries. These tend to be a little more ‘upscale’ in price and service.

“I would like to see Lakeside become known for its community of restaurants specializing in international.”

A newlywed couple who moved from Uptown to Flower Mound has different ideas.

“We would love to see unique high-end dining,” said Tony P., “similar to that of the Bishop Arts district in Dallas. In my opinion, traditional franchises are over done in Flower Mound and similar suburbs in the DFW area.”

“We love Flower Mound for so many reasons for what it is and what it is not,” he added. “However, when it comes to culture, gastronomy, and entertainment, we are definitely lacking options.”

“We should look to distinguish ourselves with more unique offerings,” he suggested. “Additionally, unique bars/lounges offering live music and original cocktails are a definite must considering there is not anything like that in Flower Mound.”

The northwest corner of Lakeside and International Parkways around 7 am on Feb. 27.

The northwest corner of Lakeside and International Parkways around 7 am on Feb. 27.

“We need a Torchy’s [Taco’s] over here,” declared Todd Blankenship, another under-30-year-old who relies on restaurants for dinners with his “significant other” three times a week. “It would go over like gangbusters.

“Also, there isn’t a single good beer spot in the whole Lewisville/Flower Mound/Highland Village area,” Blankenship added. “We need a good craft beer joint. It would also go over quite well.”

Some are looking forward to the restaurants and lake views in Lakeside Village on the south end of Lakeside DFW.

“A mixture of upscale and casual dining including choices for gluten-free food and outdoor seating overlooking the lake would be wonderful,” said Ginny Norris, a Flower Mound resident who works in Dallas.

“I would love to see the additional options of being able to dock your boat nearby and a place for folks to take a stroll along the waters edge.”

One step at a time.

For the time being, the focus lies squarely on Phase I of The Shops at Lakeside, at the corner of Lakeside and International (FM 2499) Parkways.


  1. Thomas says

    Since we are stuck with this development. I want to see a Tennis Center with 15 courts and a tennis Stadium maybe 5000-10000 seats for professional tennis and used for concerts etc… A pro shop and locker rooms with showers and a cafe restaurant. Professionally managed with events and activities daily and weekly.

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