Living at Lakeside DFW to be a social experience

One of many parks where residents and visitors will mingle at Lakeside DFW.

One of many parks where residents and visitors will mingle at Lakeside DFW.

Beginning in 2014, residents of Lakeside will start shaping a new kind of Flower Mound community — one where the aspiring can live near the retiring, young singles share the trail with boomer couples, wannabes sip coffee next to been-there-done-thats.

They will live on 60′ lots and 30′ lots, in lofts above retail, apartments, and in mid-rise condominiums.

Living in Lakeside will mean trading the privacy, singularity, and tranquility of suburban cul-de-sacs for the openess, diversity, and hub-bub of urban parks and sidewalks.

Residents will select Lakeside because they have arrived at a stage in life where they are embracing new social experiences, and appreciating the fact that they, along with their fellow Lakeside residents, hold the key to unlocking the vibrancy of the community.

Sophisticated plans and architecture cannot do it for them. It is up to them, according to the Project for Public Spaces.

As a series of stories from the Project for Public Spaces suggests, vibrancy “not only requires people, it is defined by how people interact.”

“Every neighborhood—every plaza, square, park, waterfront, market, and street—can be vibrant, if people feel like they can contribute to shaping their places.”

“Vibrancy is people,” suggests the story, “It cannot be built or installed.” Instead, it must be “inspired and cultivated.”

“When people feel encouraged to participate in shaping the life of a space, it creates the kind of open atmosphere that attracts more and more people. In their inclusiveness, our greatest places mirror the dynamics of a truly democratic society.”

In the introduction to the Guide to Neighborhood Placemaking in Chicago (written for the Metropolitan Planning Council), the organization declared, “Placemaking allows communities to see how their insight and knowledge fits into the broader process of making change. It allows them to become proactive vs. reactive, and positive vs. negative.

“Simply put, Placemaking allows regular people to make extraordinary improvements, big or small, in their communities.”

The people of Flower Mound played a key role in making Lakeside DFW possible.

It appears that future residents of Lakeside DFW will play a key role in shaping its success.


  1. Terri Callahan-Floyd says

    We live in Grapevine and love it here! We would love to move to Lakeside DFW and retire there. Will you have 3 Br condos? We’d love a 3 Br that includes a study as well & three parking spaces!!!!!! I know that the condo plans are in the far future, just wondering what you have in mind. Thanks! So far … looks amazing!

  2. Dianne says

    I am sure that there are many considerations in changing a development name, but I agree that DFW does sound industrial. I would like to suggest Lakeside Armonija. Armonija means harmony in Maltese, a beautiful Mediterranean area.

    • Terri Callahan-Floyd says

      I agree that the name is too industrial for such a luxrious place with all I see in the plans!
      I see the have some marquees with the name already designed into it, however, perhaps they can/will add a name in front of it, i.e., something like your suggestion:
      Armonija at Lakeside DFW ………… or something like that!
      Great idea!

  3. Katie says

    All the outdoor amenities and no dog park? Flower Mound needs a dog park, be the first to do it!

  4. Brad Largent says

    I am hoping this turns out to be everything that Flower Mound has been working to achieve for many years. I think the lakeside views can be something that makes it stand out. My concern is that this is sounding more and more like it is being planned and developed by someone who is not from around here. Studying up on someone’s thesis of creating vibrancy is fine and dandy, but I think we can make this real simple. People here like to shop and eat. If the filled retail spaces don’t have good food and good shopping it won’t be as “vibrant” as we are all hoping it can be. (AKA Parker Square) We don’t need knick knack shops and nail salons … We need real stores where people go to buy clothes etc. This could be an issue with the Malls so close. We are looking forward to being able to really USE this development.

    Lastly, please consider removing the “DFW” tag on the name. Once again … It sounds like it was made by someone that is not from around here. It sounds like either part of the airport or a corporate development. No one from Texas would want that on there. We prefer some thing like “ranch, villa, vista etc.” if you need a tag at all.

    With that said, good luck … We are looking forward to the development of Lakeside!

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