Dirt is moving at Lakeside

A view north along Surrey Lane from Lakeside Parkway as dirt begins to move on the Lakeside DFW.

A view north along Surrey Lane from Lakeside Parkway show trees being cleared as the dirt begins to fly at Lakeside DFW.

Nearly 100 live oaks line Lakeside Parkway between FM 2499 and Surrey Lane.

Nearly 100 live oaks will be transplanted during the month of April to Lakeside’s temporary tree farm on FM 2499.

Live oaks being preserved

A little over four months since receiving zoning approval, clearing has begun on a 23.88-acre tract at Lakeside that will serve as a single-family neighborhood.

Grading is expected to begin May 15 with work on Lakewood Park to follow on June 1. (Click here to learn more about Lakewood Park.)

As clearing begins on the first phase, nearly 100 live oak trees between FM 2499 and Surrey Lane will be removed and transplanted to a holding area located adjacent to FM 2499.

“These trees were scheduled to be removed,” said Brian Leek of Realty Capital, master developer of Lakeside DFW. “We weren’t going to let that happen. These trees will be an asset to the project as it develops.”

Many more of the trees planted by the Stewart Family in 2001 line the parkway, over 400 in all. As construction of successive phases moves forward, all the trees are expected to be moved and replanted  along streets, in parks, and in front of homes.

Fannin Tree Farm will transplant the trees and supervise their irrigation and care prior to the time they are planted in their final locations.

The hole left from the spade removal of a live oak tree along Lakeside Parkway.

The hole left from the spade removal of a live oak tree along Lakeside Parkway.

“We inspected and classified each tree to determine their potential use,” Leek said. “Transplanting and holding the trees is an expensive process, but one that we thought was an important investment in the project.”

Some of the larger trees which measure up to 15” in caliper will have to be extracted by hand tools. The remainder, averaging 8”-9” in caliper, will be extracted by mechanical spade.

Each of the trees has been prepared for transplant with pruning planned by a certified arborist.

Water for the trees will be provided through a hydrant meter issued by the Town of Flower Mound. Fannin will install an irrigation system and maintain the trees to reduce the mortality rate.

All the trees that in the path of development of the first phase will transplanted by he April 24 Lakeside groundbreaking.


  1. Maribel Reymundo says

    One of the reasons why I moved to the Flower Mound area that backs up to the Corps of Engineer was for the trail system and the woods. I was so glad to read that these trees are being preserved instead of thrown away!! Thank you so much! I can’t wait to see them replanted =)

  2. Carol Kohankie says

    This approach to preserve and relocate the trees is fantastic. Thank you!!! I would love to see this approach become the standard for all upcoming large and small developments, in particular Riverwalk.

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