1. Irv Baker says

    This property has the potential to be the jewel of Flower Mound and a destination location within the metroplex. There are not many, if any places within the DFW area that offer a lake side setting in one of the most affluential communities in the country. It would be a sad mistake to allow this to be developed as just an average mixed use venue. I agree with Trent that “Mediterranean economy developer” style will be a total missing of the mark. If done correctly, this site has the potential and the opportunity for Flower Mound to claim a destination location where people from Southlake, Grapevine and throughout the metroplex come to rather than the other way around. Can you imagine strolling through quality retail stores and then pulling up to a patio table at restaurant overlooking the lake and watching the sun set? Please, please, please make this something special that stands out and is a cut above the average suburban mixed use development. Let’s not let this jewel become a fake plastic wannabe!

    • lakeside says

      While the owners and managers of Lakeside DFW cannot speak for the owners of nearby properties, it is possible that activity at Lakeside will spur activity nearby.

  2. says

    I agree with Delinda. What is shown in the rendering is what I would call “Developer Italianish Economy style” which is not special to anyone or any place. Being an Architect in Flower Mound, I would like to see something special and creative. Flower Mound has little good Architecture which leaves the palatte wide open for Creativity in Design. We need some creative designers to make something special here. Just my two cents.

  3. says

    I hope the buildings have more of a Mediterrean flair than the animated version. The reason people love Southlake, New Orleans, San Francisco is because it does not have bland, gerneric architecture

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